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GST Help

Gen GST Software Helpful PDF Guides

S.No. Name Size Version Download
Installation Help
a. Gen GST Installation Guide 6.5 MB
b. MSSQL Server 2008 R2 Express Installation Guide 1.15 MB
c. Enabling Remote Connections For LAN Purpose SQL Guides 0.5 MB
d. Installation Error Help 0.5 MB
e. After Installation Setup Help / LAN Setup Help 0.5 MB
Master Help
a. Master Tab Introducation Help 0.5 MB
b. Individual Master Help 1.0 MB
c. Other Than Individual Master Help 2.5 MB
d. Client Group Master Help 0.5 MB
e. Designation Master Help 0.5 MB
f. Registration Tax Number Master Help 1.5 MB
g. Personal Details Master Help 0.5 MB
h. Address Master Help 1.0 MB
i. Contact Master Help 1.0 MB
j. Goods and Services Master Help 1.0 MB
k. GST Returns Master Help 1.0 MB
l. Bank Master Help 0.5 MB
m. Due Date Master Help 0.25 MB
n. Rates Master Help 0.5 MB
Clients Help
a. Client Cretion Help 3.0 MB
Billing Help
a. Export to Tally and Invoice UR (Purchase RCM) Help 1.2 MB
b. Tally Import Help 1.0 MB
c. Invoice Help 1.5 MB
Return Help
a. GSTR3B Help 1.0 MB
b. GSTR01 Import Help 2.50 MB
c. GSTR01 Help 4.2 MB
d. Trans-1 Help 1.20 MB
e. Trans-3 Help 1.10 MB
User Rights Help
a. Assign User Rights Help 1.3 MB