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Genius - A Complete Office Automation Tool

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Genius is a complete set of 7 modules GEN BAL, GEN IT, GEN CMA, and GEN FORM MANAGER, GEN e- TDS, GEN SERVICE TAX and AIR. Complete database of clients including their address book and telephone directory, partner’s details, signatory details are maintained. Billing is also inbuilt here. All the other utilities as Backup, Restore, Password Settings are available. For the convenience of users, “HELP” is also provided. Facility to import Client Master details from XML Files. Client wise back up and restore facility is available. This complete pack makes it very easy for you to e-file and uploads the returns without any error.

Installation Rs. 10000* | Updation Rs. 4000*

Demo of Genius in English

Demo of Genius in Hindi

Gen Bal

Gen IT (Income Tax)

Gen CMA/EMI (Credit Monitoring Analysis)

Gen e-TDS (Tax Deducted At Source)

Gen Service Tax

Gen Form Manager

Gen e- AIR(Annual Information Report)

Import Client Master Data

Other Utilities with Genius Only